We offer AC and DC flashers for most any application.

Single Channel Flasher


AC - 1 Lamp

Model AFT60 - AC single channel flasher

Single channel, 2 wire flasher (120VAC, 7 to 100W)

Simple, 2 wire hookup.  Encapsulated, fixed, 60 (fpm) flash per minute  flasher for loads up to 1 A @120VAC

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Typical Application

SPDT Flasher Relay


1 or 2 Lamp, Relay Output

MAC-THR3836 - Alternating  Flasher

SPDT,  to flash 1 or switch between 2 loads at 50% On Time

Adjustable Speed,  with 4 time ranges.  2 inch square package, with center mounting hole.   Encapsulated, for harsh environments,  loads up to 10 A (resistive)




Typical Application

Dual Channel Alternating Flashers

AFN3  Low cost,


AC - 2 Lamp

Adjustable Speed

The AFN3 Model is an adjustable speed, 120V AC, 150W Maximum load flasher,  Not intended for Street or Safety critical application.

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Typical Application


Dual Channel Alternating Flashers

AF1039 Sealed, Fixed Flash Rate, Rated for Street Use

AC  - 2 Output

Commercial Unit

The AF1039 Model is a 120V AC, 10A, 1000W Maximum, Fixed 56 FPM Rate, sealed and fully encapsulated industrial 2- channel flasher.  Used in  school zones and pedestrian crossing applications across the country.   Either of our alternating flashers will operate as single light flasher


AC  Sealed

Ready for street use


We Also Stock DC Flashers for 10VDC - 24VDC Operation
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More detail on our exclusive line of AC Flashers:


Model AFN3       Dual Channel

120V, low cost, 2 Light Alternating Flasher w/ adjustable speed,


AFN3  -  Flasher Module and  some decorative 2 light applications:  

AFN3 Alternating  Flasher

Low Cost

Adjustable speed

Typical Application

Decorative Wig Wag lights    

Typical Application

Decorative Garden R/R crossings

Typical Application

Decorative,  4 way beacons

The AFN3 is especially  popular  for hobbyist Rail Road Crossing Lights, School Zone lights and 4-Way Flashing caution lights This two channel light flasher is a complete wig-wag/ lamp driver unit which will operate any 2 light, dual signal setup.  It's perfect for Rail Road crossing light displays and School Zone marker lights that use 2 lights that flash alternately.    This unit can even be used in single channel applications where only one channel is needed to flash.   This unit offers an adjustable speed flash rate and will operate up to 150W load per channel.  This unit is not intended for traffic control and is purely for decorative, display use only.    Because it is adjustable is is Not intended for Street Use or Safety Critical applications.    For industrial or street use see the high power, encapsulated AF1039 product.             

The AFN3 flasher module is only 2 by 3 inches so it easily fits inside the case of most lights.  It uses reliable, solid state circuitry so there are no relays, thermal switch (blinkers) or other mechanical components to wear out.  Because it uses Highly Efficient solid state Technology the unit is totally silent and will switch up to 150W @120VAC per channel.  So two 25W or 40W bulbs can be flashed on each channel.   Unlike thermal flashers the Model AFN3 will not change speed as it heats up and will even continue to flash if one bulb burns out.

The speed may be changed easily using the speed adjustment on the top of the board, from 3 times /second to once every 3 seconds. (i.e. 20 to 180 FPM) Because of its novel design it operates directly off the 120 AC line. There are no bulky power supplies to mount. All you need to add is the signal light, an AC line cord and a little hookup wire. An easy to follow hookup diagram is included with each unit.
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AF1039       High Power AC Alternating flasher:  



AF1039  AC Flasher Typical Application

 Model AF1039   - Encapsulated, 120V, High Power Alternating Flasher

Made for the street,   Available from stock

This Industrial Cube Flasher module is fully encapsulated for maximum reliability through extremes of temperature / humidity/ vibration.   This is the same type used in thousands of  school crossings and fire station warning lights across the country. 

The model AF1039 is packaged in a standard size relay package, 1.75 x 2.25 inches.  It easily mounts with two #8 clearance holes to a control box panel or will fit inside the case of most lights where it will  flash up 300 W.    When properly heat sinked it will flash up to 1000W  Loads. 

  It is completely, solid state and totally encapsulated.  These flashers may be used to flash two tungsten lamp or inductive loads.  Single load operation is also possible.  This means that It will not be affected by Humidity , Vibration or Temperature.  The flash rate  is set to the industry standard rate of 56FPM.     Unlike thermal flashers the Model AF1039 will not change speed as it heats up and will even continue to flash if one bulb burns out.../.


Line Voltage: 80- 135VAC
Load Current: 300W (2.5A)
up to 10A per circuit (with heat sinking)
50-60Hz  - Zero Voltage Switching
Temperature Range -30F to 165 F
Flash Rate 56 FPM +/- 10%
Fully encapsulated
2.375x 1.75x 1 inch package
Aluminum heat sink base plate

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12VDC DC Flashers   

The D2 is for 12V DC lights up to 4Amp (50W) and offers adjustable speed flash rate
2 Channel Alternating Flasher
2 adjustable speed ranges.
On board Flash output indication
On Board  Fuse protection
Bridge mode for single channel 8A Max operation.
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