Model D2  -    12 VDC, Adjustable, Alternating Flasher

This two channel light flasher is a complete wig-wag/ lamp driver unit which will operate any 2 light, dual signal setup.  It's perfect for Rail Road crossing lights and School Bus No Passing lights or anywhere you need 2 lights that flash alternately.  This unit can even be used in single channel applications where only one channel is needed to flash.

D2 flasher, 2x3 inch, DC Adjustable speed flasher- with two speed ranges

This flasher module is only 2 by 3 inches so it easily fits inside the case of most lights.  It uses reliable, solid state circuitry so there are no relays, thermal switch (blinkers) or other mechanical components to wear out.  Because it uses Highly Efficient solid state Technology the unit is totally silent and will switch up to 50W @12VDC per channel.  That is 4A per channel!   Unlike thermal flashers the Model D2 will not change speed as it heats up and will even continue to flash if one bulb burns out.

Also unlike thermal flashers the speed may adjusted to the exact speed you need with the rotary adjustment knob on the top of the board, from more than 3 times/second to once every 3 seconds. An easy to follow hookup diagram is included with each unit.

Perfect For your Rail Road Crossing Lights, School Zone lights and Flashing Caution lights.


    D2 Adjustable Alternating Flasher

Model D2 - 12V DC Version - Alternating signal flasher for 12VDC Dual lights up to 4A or 50W total/channel.

Adjustable speed control covers wide range in two ranges.

Fast Range covers Normal wig - wag (1/3 to 3 seconds) per flash cycle 

Slow Range covers special purpose signaling range,   2-40 second

Bridge mode (included) to flash both channels simultaneously. (4A per channel x2 = 8A)
Model D2 wiring diagram included.
Spec Sheet available


D2 Adjustable Alternating Flasher

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Encapsulated  AFDC2 Alternating (2 Channel) Flashers

Model AFDC2 

12V to 24VDC - fully encapsulated,  Alternating flasher for up to 4A or 50W total/ channel.

Very simple 3 wire hookup,   High Reliability, standard model is fixed at standard traffic signal rate of 56fpm  (flash per minute, +/- 10%)

Standard rate for traffic signals, highway caution lights, school zones and school buses.

AFDC2 Spec Sheet -      Wiring Diagram  


Model AFDC2 -44   

Same unit but with 44 flash per minute nominal flash rate for Railroad Crossing lights.

Other rates available by special order.   Call for more information: 316 409-4911

AFDC2 Spec Sheet -      Wiring Diagram   

Model AFDC2 -STR   

Caution strobe flasher  - Specifically made for caution / warning LED lights on service vehicles.

Uses exclusive triple pulse waveform that produces short pulses to attract maximum attention to ATVs, snowplows, mowers, towing and construction vehicles. 

 Wiring Diagram


  Encapsulated  AFDC Single Channel Flashers           



Model AFDC1

12V -24VDC - fully encapsulated,  Single channel flasher for up to 4A or 50W total/channel.

Super simple 2 wire hookup,   works with either high side or grounded load.

Standard model is fixed at 56 to 60 fpm  (flashes per minute, +/- 10%)

Other rates available by special order only. 

AFDC1 Spec Sheet -      Wiring Diagram  

AFDC1   DC Fully Encapsulated Fixed Rate Single output Flasher, with simple 2 wire installation, High Reliability.



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