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 Pedestrian Signal -  WALK / DONT WALK-  Light Control Timer Flasher

If you own a Walk Light and want it to cycle realistically in your display then this is the control that will make it operate. This is the only product of its kind for decorative, stand-alone WALK /DONT WALK Light signals. 

 Walk Lights look great in bars, restaurants, game rooms, rec. rooms and showrooms.   Even better if they operate. Vintage (used) walk lights are commonly available on the surplus market but until now one would have to buy a cabinet full of expensive electronics or build there own control just to make a light cycle like it should.

What it is:



The T2 Control board

The T2 Walk Light Control module is a 2 by 3 circuit board, that installs easily inside the case of all standard Walk Lights. It mounts easily with 4 self adhesive mounting posts inside your light housing. 

Works with both incandescent and LED type Ped signals


The T2 uses reliable, all solid state circuitry, so its completely silent. It will convert your pedestrian light in to a completely automatic, fully functional Walk light, including the flashing DONT WALK cycle.   It operates directly on 120VAC power so you can use the original lamps, wiring, and bulb sockets that came with your signal.

Installing the control in your light is simple.  An easy to follow T2 Wiring Diagram is included with each unit. All you need to add is your Walk Light, an AC line cord and some hookup wire and you'll have a stand alone unit you can plug in anywhere.

This control is intended for decorative displays and simulation usage only.  It controls a single Walk/ Dont Walk pedestrian signal that is free running and not synchronized to any other signal.   The T2 works with all North American Incandescent and LED 120VAC LED and standard incandescent bulb type pedestrian signals from the 1950s thru present day.     Also works with the new "Count down" LED style signals.  Not made compatible with Neon Walk Lights units only 120V Incandescent and LED.  See example below


How It Works:

There is an on board connector for an optional pushbutton that can be connected to  trigger a walk light cycle.  If you don't want to install a pushbutton (either on your light or somewhere else) you can just leave the red switch set to continuous cycle mode.  This will leave the light in the self- triggered display mode and it will continuously cycle through Don't Walk - to- Walk, Flashing Don't Walk -to- Steady Don't Walk sequence.   Then after a steady DONT WALK delay it will automatically begin another cycle.  



This is what it will look like:

              T2A Walk Light Control Features



There is a single speed adjustment that controls the speed of the cycle.  This changes the Walk Light duration, the number of Don't Walk flashes and the Dont Walk delay time.   The sequence will vary from 20 seconds to more than a minute total and is always realistic.    

Here is a guide to what the adjustment setting changes time values:
(These are also included with instructions)

Speed Setting Walk Time  Flash
Donít Time  Total
Fastest 6 sec 6 x 10 sec 22
75% 8 8 14 30
50% 10 10  30 60
25% 12 12 46 75
Slowest 14 16 60 90

Here is a countdown style Pedestrian signal with a T2 operating it.


T2 Walk Light control is $44.00 + Shipping 

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What if you don't have a real walk light yet but would like one?

We have new Pedestrian Signals and a limited supply of New  and new-old stock signals on hand.
  Both WALK/  DONT WALK and Man Hand types.  
We can supply these ready to wire or with power cord and a T2 control installed.


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