Model T5W - R/Y/G Traffic Light w/ single Pedestrian Signal Control

Model T5W - Traffic Signal Control, is made to operate a single 3 color traffic light synchronously with a single Walk - Dont Walk Pedestrian Light.    The 5 discrete output channels will synchronize the Pedestrian signal with the vehicle regardless of the speed control setting.

If your collection already includes a 3 light signal and your wanting the Pedestrian signal to work right along side it the T5W is a great fit.     This control will generate the logic to control these signals in any of 4 modes.   The Control board is 3x3 inches and fits easily inside the case of most lights.

Traffic Lights make unique collector items.   If your are going to have them on display, why not make it operate like it was meant to?

Until now one would have to buy a cabinet full of expensive electronics just to make one of these signals operate properly.  Now we have a very nice, compact control that will make one of these lights cycle like it should.

T6 4-way signal control

                        The T5W function & features:

A single control board 3 x 3 in

No external power supply, operates directly from 120VAC power source

Kit comes with 4 self-adhesive nylon mounting posts so 
no drilling is required to install.

    Socket mounted, 8 bit micro-controller

    Adjustable cycle speed control from less than ten seconds to 
    over a minute per cycle.

    5 - 120 VAC Triac output channels each capable of 
    150W max. incandescent or LED load

    Flash Mode jumper that will cause all four directions to flash in either of
    two modes; 4 Way- ALL RED flash or Red / Yellow alternate flash mode.

    Operated directly from 120V AC line no external Power supply required.

    7 position screw terminal strip for easy (AC) light connections.

    Variable Speed with selectable direction sync & logic sequences

     4 switch selectable modes, See Chart:

The first Green Sync modes apply to a Walk light oriented the same direction as the vehicle signal.  The Walk light automatically triggers when the Green light cycle begins.

If your R/Y/G Traffic Light is set up 90 opposed to your Pedestrian signal (such as on a pole) so as to be controlling the crosswalk opposed to the main traffic direction you can use the Red Sync mode.    

Another great use is where you have two G-Y-R signal heads on a pole facing 90 degrees apart, this is true 2 Way operation.   These look great in the corner of a room.


There is a simple to use, speed adjustment that controls the speed of the cycle. All color phase timing is adjusted dynamically so the cycle is realistic.

Sync Red Mode


Flash Thru Mode


 Wiring Diagram

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