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Control Products Light Control Price List $(US)



Model Product Description Each
T2 Pedestrian Signal (Walk/ Dont Walk) Control $ 44. Add to Cart
T3 (R-Y-G) Traffic Light Control (Std. 3-light) $ 44.  Add to Cart
T5 5 light Traffic Light Control (R-Y-G with either 1 or 2 Turn Arrows) $ 59.  Add to Cart


Traffic Light Control w/ Ped (R-Y-G + Walk / Dont Walk) $75. Add to Cart
T6 4 way, 3 Light Traffic Light Control  $ 89.  Add to Cart
P10 4 way Traffic Light Control w/ 2 Ped. signal  $135. Add to Cart
RC3 Remote Control Kit For R-Y-G Safety Signal  $149. Add to Cart
RC3A Remote Control Kit - R-Y-G Traffic Signal  w/ Auto cycle $149. Add to Cart
AFN3 Adj. Speed, Alternating Flasher, 120 VAC / 150W $ 35.  Add to Cart
AF1039  Hi- Power,  Alternating Lamp Flasher 120V / 600W  $ 88. Add to Cart
D2 Adj. Speed, Alternating DC Lamp Flasher, 12 VDC / 4A $ 35. Add to Cart
AFDC1 Sealed DC flasher, 1 channel, 12-24V, 4A Max, 56 fpm $24. Add to Cart
AFDC2-56 Sealed DC flasher, 2 channel, 12-24V, 4A Max, 56 fpm $29. Add to Cart
AFDC2-44 Sealed DC flasher, 2 chan,12-24V, 4A Max, (RR rate) 56 fpm $29. Add to Cart
AFT60 Single Channel Lamp Flasher, 120 VAC / 1A $ 28. Add to Cart
L60W Outdoor Signal Bulb, 60 Watt, 120V, 17,000Hr.   $ 3.50 Add to Cart
L40W Indoor Signal Bulb, 40 Watt, 120V, 17,000Hr.    $ 3.50  Add to Cart
LED Traffic Signals   Please note: The signal control products listed here
do not include traffic light. 

Traffic signals are sold seperately
  Traffic Signal Accessories

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