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New Traffic Signals   & Control Products

  ITE Street Signals

   3 Light Controls

   AC  Flashers

  LED Traffic Lights

   2 Light Flashers

   DC Flashers

  Safety Lights

   4 Way Controls

   Remote Control Kit

  DC & Solar Traffic Lights

   4 & 5 Light Controls

   Pedestrian Signal Ctrl

  Extended Range Wireless

   4 Way w/ Walk Ctrls

   Walk Light Controls

  Hardware & Accessories


   DC Strobe and Custom


Lights to Go is proud to offer brand new traffic signals, ready for immediate shipment for all your traffic light needs.   We stock signals and can ship small quantities quickly.  We also offer integration services installing our control products in new Traffic Lights so that they are ready to sequence right out of the box.  We have LED signals that save on energy and installation costs.   

Traffic Lights 

 New Traffic Signals, In- Stock and Available now

ITE Street Signals

LED Signal Modules

LED Signal Lights

Low power,  LED Signal Lights are available from stock


Custom Traffic Signals & Control Circuits


  Traffic Signal Display and simulation products:

   These Controls do not include the traffic signal


  Model T3

  R-Y-G Light Traffic Signal Control Sequencer 

  for Standard Traffic Lights....Green - Yellow - Red 

  Model T2 

  Walk / Dont Walk Light Control

  for Single Pedestrian Signals 

  Model T5 

  for 4 & 5 Light Traffic Signal Controls

  for lights w/ 1 or 2 Turn Arrows

  Model T5W 

  R/Y/G Traffic Signal w/ WALK - DONT WALK Controls

  for display of 1 Traffic Lights w/ 1 Pedestrian Light

  Model T6 & P10

  Four Direction Signal Controls

  for 2,3 & 4 direction configurations

  AC Flashers both 1 and 2 channels

  Alternating Signal Flashers

  for  School Zone crossings,  Caution Lights, etc

  DC Flashers both 1 and 2 channel

  (12 -24V DC)  Wig Wag Signal Flashers

  for Rail Road Crossings & School Bus lights

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Hardware & Accessories

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