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       T3 - Traffic Light Sequencer Installation

                (Wiring Diagram & Instructions sent with each control unit)

Step 1 

Install AC Power Cord

(16-18AWG recommended)

Metal lights use 3 wire (grounded) cord,   Poly signals use 2 wire cord This is the two conductor Black wire in this photo >

Secure the cord to signal housing with a strain relief  and clamp down within 2 inches of entry hole.

Strip 1/4 in insulation off power wires and insert the Black / (smooth wire) into ACL terminal, next insert White (ridged) wire into ACN terminal.  Tighten  screw to secure.   

Connect Green wire -Ground to signal housing.   A terminal block mounting screw works well for metal lights


Step 2

Select Location for board.  In this case we will mount on the sidewall of the signal where more space is available.  Check clearance with reflector closed

Step 3

Feed 12 inch wire pigtail into terminal block compartment.

In this case we have 4 colors of wire which makes identification easy.


Note the lamp holder wires are already connected to one side of the terminal block

Step 4

Connect LCOM ( White)  lamp common wire to the terminal with 3 white lamp leads, 

Connect Green light to GRN Terminal on the block

Connect Yellow light to YEL Terminal

Connect Red Light to RED Terminal

Step 5

When your ready to mount remove the backing from the self adhesive mounting posts.  Press T3 board onto clean, dry surface to secure.

Make sure surface is clean before applying

Step 6

Re-Check wiring

Make sure when the reflector/  lamp holder assembly is closed it does not interfere with wiring / control board

Apply power and test it!

Technical Questions?   

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