RCN3 Remote Control Traffic Signal System

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The RCN3 is the all new replacement for the popular RC3 controller. 

120VAC/60Hz (+/- 20%)
150W max lamp (incandescent or LED)
>100' operating range under line of sight conditions
2 year limited MFG warranty

Kit includes 
4 button long range remote transmitter. [ABCD key fob] shown in picture

Features 4 different operation modes;

1. Standard Manual mode (A) Red, (B) Yellow, (C) Green buttons to select individual lights. Pressing a second time will toggle the flashing of that same color. The (D) Advance button will step the light through all colors.
2. Automatic Cycle mode - Fast - The (D) button will start the auto cycle loop from the flashing mode
3. Automatic Cycle mode - Slow - Same as above but with a slower cycle
4. Multi-Light mode - Lights will toggle on and off with each press of the button. Pressing the (D) button will toggle flashing mode for any light(s) that are currently on. 

Also features 4 Configuration modes;

1. GYR = Standard key remote
2. RYG = Reverse key remote
3. GR = Standard R/G remote
4. RG = Reverse R/G remote

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RCN3 Instruction sheet

RCN3 Wiring diagram

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