T2 Pedestrian Controller

Product ID : T2 - Pedestrian Signal Controller



  • The T2 is 2" x 3" Pedestrian Traffic Signal Squencencer 
  • The T2 will cycle a single pedestrian signal through the Walk, flashing Dont Walk and steady Don’t Walk (Wait) phases of operation.
  • These signals may be a two section unit (usually 2 bulb) a single clam shell unit with dual indications or one of the modern all LED, count-down style signals.
  • 120VAC Incandescent or LED signals. (It is not intended to operate Neon or Fiber optic units with internal transformers.)
  • There is terminal block to connect an external request to cross pushbutton. i.e. trigger switch.
  • 150W Max load per output.
  • 1 year warranty against mfg defects.

The T2 is perfect for decorative light display applications.

This control is not intended to control vehicular traffic, since it will only control one ped signal direction.

Detailed install instructions

T2 Wiring Diagram

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