T5 - 5 light controller
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T5 - 5 light controller

Product ID : T5 - 5 light controller



T5 is a 5 Traffic Light Controller Sequencer
  • Green, Yellow, Red with either 1 or 2 turn arrows
  • Adjustable cycle timing
  • 120VAC/150 W Max Lamp
  • Incandescent & LED

1 year warranty against mfg defects.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by MM21285
06/04/2019 - 05:21:14 PM
Nice controller!
This unit came in a signal I recently purchased. It was an 8 inch RYG with a 12 inch green arrow on the bottom. It goes through the RYG sequence, and lights the arrow, just like on our streets in Michigan. I currently have the arrow removed, and it still functions as a normal RYG signal. The delay adjustment is nice, and provides enough yellow on with the setting I have it at. Bonus: no relay clicking!
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