RC3 Remote Control Kit
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RC3 Remote Control Kit

Product ID : RC3
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The RC3 kit was discontinued on 1/31/2018. 

For the replacement, please see our NEW RCN3 Remote Controller. You can find it under 'Controls' or by clicking this link;

The all new RCN3 Remote Control System 

**Please note, we still honor the 1 year MFG warranty on existing RC3 kits purchased and if you have one older than 1 year, we can, in most cases, repair them for a nominal fee.**

If you have a Green-Yellow-Red traffic light and would like to be able to control it remotely we now have our remote control kit available for purchase separately. This kit includes a wireless remote control and a compact integrated RF receiver / controller board that mounts inside your light. This is the same unit that we use on our PS3/RC3 Safety Light  and NBB200RC3 LED Safety Light.

The controller board is only 3 x 3 inches (excluding antenna) and fits neatly inside the case of your light and operates directly from the 120VAC line.  An easy to follow wiring diagram and hookup instructions are included with each unit.  All you have to do is mount the control board, wire the lights to it and connect your power cord. 

Range is typically 25 to 40 ft with the Long Range 8 Button remote. Because the remote uses Radio Frequency it is not limited to line of sight.  With metal traffic lights you will need to drill a hole in the light to pass the antenna outside the case or install in a separate plastic enclosure for maximum control range. With Poly Signals there is no need to extend the antenna outside the case. Note this product is not sold or intended to control vehicle traffic, It is for static display indication use only. 

  • Long Range Remote Control included
  • 418 MHZ, 4 user selectable addresses
  • Powered by long life (10yr) Lithium Cell
  • 3 Lamp output channels
  • 120VAC TRIAC outputs for 100% LED compatibility
  • 150W max. lamp/channel
  • 6 position screw terminal strip hookup
  • Wiring Diagram and Installation Instructions included
  • 25-40 ft+ range is possible with proper installation


Light Setting Red Yellow Green
Static Yes Yes Yes
Flashing Yes Yes Yes
Cycle Slow (RC3A Only) N/A N/A N/A
Cycle Medium (RC3A Only) N/A N/A N/A
Cycle Fast (RC3A Only) N/A N/A N/A

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