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  • Can I make my traffic light flash like the ones on the street?
    • Yes, you can, however, by “flash” do you mean sequence? Sequence is where the light cycles through its colors: Green, Yellow and Red. Or do you mean “flash” as in: Green, Green, Green? Either way, the answer is yes. For more info on control options visit the controls page.
  • Can I use household bulbs or CFLs in my traffic light?
    • No. This common mistake will affect the performance of the light and the controls inside. We recommend that you use traffic signal (krypton) Incandescent or LED bulbs. We have both 40w and 60w 10,000H available.
  • Is it possible to operate my light with a remote control?
  • I purchased a traffic light but can’t get it work, what’s wrong?
  • I need a different color other than Red, Yellow, and Green; how can I do that?
    • We have other LED color modules available. Call us at (316) 409-4911 and we will discuss your needs and get you what you want. Also, be sure to check out our custom solutions to see examples of what can be done.
  • I just want a Red / Green light and don’t need the yellow, can I do that?
    • Yes! In fact, we have Red/Green lights ready to ship.
  • I am looking for a light with an up and down arrow on it, can you help?
    • Yes, we have these lights available. We also carry walk/don’t walk lights and others.

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