AFDC1 DC Single Light Flasher

Product ID : AFDC1



AFDC1 - Single Channel, DC Light Flasher

This flasher unit is made to flash a DC signal light with an absolute minimum of wiring.  The Model AFDC1 flasher operates on 10 to 24VDC systems and is able to drive loads of up to 4A continuously.  The unit is very easy to install; just wire in series with the light.  The flasher is entirely solid state and sealed from the environment.  It flashes at the MUTCD specified rate of 56-60fpm and can operate both incandescent and LED lights.

  • Easy to install - 2 wires to connect
  • Uses standard quick connect .250 terminals
  • Sealed and Encapsulated for reliability
  • Operating range 10-24 VDC
  • -40 to +70Deg C
  • 56  to 60FPM fixed rate
  • 4A max load output
  • 1 year warranty against mfg defects

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Typical Application -Single Flashing Beacon

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