AFDC1A DC Single Light Flasher

Product ID : AFDC1-A



The AFDC1-A is a single channel, DC flasher.   

It is simple to hookup using standard .250 Quick connect spade terminals. It has a mounting clip to attach it to a thin mounting surface or you can use a ny-tie through the clip. Because this is a 2 wire flasher there is a minimum load of 10mA required for normal operation. There is also a single turn speed adjustment that is accessable on the bottom of the unit.   

Unlike turn signal flashers that are fixed at 90 to 120 flashes per minute this unit will operate at 60fpm specifically for traffic signals displays.

  • Made for 12VDC (10-16VDC operating range)
  • 4A max output, 50W @ 12VDC
  • Adjustable flash rate 60-180FPM (flashes per minute)
  • Discount for quanity purchase
  • Typical application shown as flashing yellow beacon

AFDC1-A Wire Diagram

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