AFT60 - AC Single Channel Flasher

Product ID : AFT60



Another Lights To Go exclusive product

Single Channel, AC Light Flasher (120VAC, 5 to 100W)   

  • Fixed 60 (fpm) flash per minute flasher for loads up to 1 A @120VAC
  • Simple, 2 wire hookup, just connect in series with Load
  • Totally encapsulated & Solid State
  • Molded Case with built-in Mounting Tab
  • High In-rush capability 
  • 1A, Full wave 120VAC
  • Temp Rating 0 to 140F
  • Mounting No. 8 or 10 Screw (not included)
  • Typical signal application shown

Click here for a Detailed Spec Sheet and Wiring Diagram
Click here for the AFT60 Wiring Diagram

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by MM21285
06/04/2019 - 05:18:39 PM
Great product
I purchased this for a single 8 inch yellow beacon. I've always wanted a flashing yellow, and when I found this module, I ordered right away. Very compact, silent solid state operation, and it can power high load bulbs. I used a standard 69 watt traffic signal bulb and it looks great! Excellent customer service, too.
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