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Approximately three years ago I purchased a set of custom made traffic controls from Lights to Go. These timers had to replicate the unique set of phases that all traffic lights in New York City followed given that in New York the traffic signals omitted the "yellow" phase. Today these controls continue to function perfectly and I couldn't be more pleased. The assistance I received and the time those at Lights to Go took to make sure my specifications were done correctly was and is amazing.. Thank you for all you do!!!
Sam Goodman, Antique traffic light collector in New York C
bought n3 for traffic light, just installed easy to follow directions works great!
randy miller
Loved their awesome remote controlled CONTROLLER! It saved me a lot of time and headache when putting last minute projects for our convention displays. Awesome customer service response!
speedy delivery packaged perfectly very easy install.
michigan, private
Michael was my customer service rep and I couldn't of asked for a better one. His product knowledge was unprofound and he went out of his way to get my order to me in a timely manner. As for the item I got, it is really neat. I got the Bluetooth traffic signal for my garage (for decoration/conversation starter) and it is an exact replica of a street traffic light! Functions like one, too! I may embark on another traffic light purchase. If I do, I'll deal with lights to go, no doubt. Many thanks!! -Monahan
Monahan, Personal Use

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