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Just installed another D-2 Controller on a GRS Type D railroad signal. Works Nice ! Easy to Install ! Years ago, installed a D-2 Controller on a WRRS railroad crossing signal. Still going strong !!!
Ordered the T-3 model, very quick delivery! Husband had it installed in no time and very pleased with the results. Customer service was very pleasant when we called to discuss the right product to order for our signal.
WOW! Ordered on Friday and recieved on Monday! I ordered the T3 controller for a retired traffic light to display in my garage. It's exactly what I was looking for. The instructions were easy to read and understand and the speed adjustment is a great feature! Also the price is reasonable! I may buy a couple more old traffic lights to do up this way for my friends. Thanks AK.
I custom ordered a traffic light controller for a 1930 vintage New York City traffic light that I've owned for thirty years. Unlike most traffic lights, in New York City all signals consisted of a red and green light, offering no caution (amber) light. Instead, when a green signal prepares to turn red, both the red and green signal are illuminated at the same time. Ultimately, the original timer (produced by General Electric in the 1930's) could no longer be repaired. Lights to Go created a computerized system about the size of a large envelope, that exactly replicates the original timer. I've kept the original timer as an antique, but I am so thrilled with my new timer that I ordered two more for two other similar lights I also own.
Sam Goodman, Private Custom Purchse
I ordered T3 and bulbs and the traffic light works great. Thanks for the screwdriver— all it took was a ladder and me. My old traffic light now has 11 inch lenses — it is awesome! Thanks again.”
W. Barricklow, Florida

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